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Personal Statement

​We perfect your personal statement​​

​A strong personal statement is important for being invited to interview at Oxford and Cambridge.


We can perfect your statement. We make sure it contains what the admissions tutors are looking for. They want to see evidence for two key attributes: strong ability and enthusiastic interest.

Our process works as follows:

  1. You send us your first draft.

  2. We have an online consultation, where we discuss its content and obtain a complete picture of your background to determine what best to include.

  3. We make proposed amendments to the statement, before a follow-up consultation to discuss and make further improvements.

  4. We propose final amendments to finalise the statement for UCAS submission.

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What makes a good personal statement?

A concise and original opening paragraph to interest the admissions tutor. This should act as an introduction to the general theme of the statement; and highlight a strong interest in the sciences, with a correspondingly high desire to study the Natural Sciences or your chosen course.


A well-written, fluid, and clear core set of paragraphs. These should make reference to outside reading and extra-curricular activities related to the sciences. Providing evidence for ability and interest is essential. Concise explanations of University-level topics can be useful to reveal a sound understanding of external reading.


A concise and original conclusion to neatly bring the statement to a close. Emphasis should again be placed on the  strong desire to study the subject, and an indication of possible plans after university should be provided.

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